About Us


Our community is our focus, and it’s the little guys we look after!

Shuffles Directories was born from the need to provide a specialist platform, which could cater for both registered and unregistered NDIS providers in Australia.

The focus is and always will be on Sole Traders and small niche service providers, who will always receive cheaper if not free listings and industry discounts.

The project started in 2018, when a few NDIS sole traders realised there was no space in the commercial arena of service provision for Sole Traders., and formed a Facebook group to cater for this niche market.

Sole Traders are sought after by many participants, who don’t want to deal with the machinations and lack of soul that larger providers sometimes deliver.

The author of this platform, prior to being an NDIS participant and co-director at a small boutique NDIS provider, had spent 25 years of his career, specialising in the installation, training and design of systems for small to medium-sized enterprises.

This page will always have a social conscience, with favourability and support given to projects that advantage and advocate for those that are unable to speak for themselves, those that are marginalised.

That includes all members of our community, disabled or not. We are all part of the community we live in, and it is our responsibility to look out for each other, no matter what our or their circumstances are.