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19/11/2023Member Posts

Can Loneliness Kill You?

Sometimes it might feel like we’re going to die from our loneliness. Research suggests that chronic loneliness and social isolation can have detrimental effects on our health and well-being, potentially increasing the risk of mortality. While loneliness itself may not directly “kill” a person, it can contribute to various physical and mental health issues that, in turn, impact how long we live.

05/11/2023Counselling, Member Posts

How Does Loneliness Affect Our Emotions?

Loneliness can have a significant impact on our range of emotions. Like an invisible cloak, it can slowly suffocate the vibrancy of our minds and hearts.

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28/10/2023Member Posts


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16/10/2023Member Posts, Sole Trader

Things You Can Do to Improve Your Mental Health

Research shows that good mental health is linked to improved learning, creativity, higher levels of

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Disabled Surfing Association of Australia

We want to put "Smiles On Dials" by taking people of all disabilities surfing in a fun, friendly and safe environment

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“This is a game changer for the NDIS. As a sole trader I am so excited to have thos depth of communication and being connected to others..”


“I am so pleased to have my respite listing 'Byron Care Stay' on the Shuffles platform. I spoke with John and he is enthusiastic, kind and generous with his time. I feel confident that my service will become known to more people. Thank you John..”

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